Withdrawal Methods

Log in and click `Withdrawal` (in your dashboard):

  1. Select your account
  2. Enter the amount and confirm
  3. You will receive an email shortly once your request has been approved.

We process all withdrawals within one working day.

Important notice: Due to Anti-money Laundering Regulations, we cannot make third-party payments and all withdrawals have to be sent to the remitter of the funds. 

If you wish to withdraw from an account where you have open position(s) please note that 20% of your free margin needs to stay in the account in order to keep that position(s) open.  

Please also be aware that you might be charged by your own bank or payment service provider.

* You will receive your money into your account within minutes if it is held with a bank that has a "Direct Payment" agreement with Trustly.

For more information, please read our Withdrawal Policy and the Business Terms and Conditions here.